Ellen DeGeneres Would ‘Lay Traps’ For Household Staff And ‘Took Pleasure’ In Firing Them



In the least surprising news update ever, a member of Ellen’s ex-household staff has revealed she would treat her workers like dirt and ran her household like a military boot camp.

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The former staffer told MailOnline that Ellen would bark orders, torment employees over tiny errors and ‘take pleasure’ in firing people.

Workers were given an itemised daily list of petty complaints from serving food in the wrong bowl, leaving the salt shaker in the wrong place or failing to ensure Ellen’s latte was frothed the way she liked it.

Ellen would even ‘lay traps’ before she left for work, leaning matchsticks behind cupboard doors and cushions to test if the cleaners were dusting every square inch of her mansion.

Employees ‘rarely lasted more than a few months’ and on one occasion, a household manager was fired just two hours into the job.

Repairmen, security guards and other contractors were reluctant to come over to the house because Ellen would slate their work – despite her famous ‘be kind to one another’ catchphrase.

The source says Ellen confronted staff each morning with a  list of passive aggressive notes listing what the talk show host didn’t like about the previous day. ‘Violations’ included a chef using a guest toilet and a maid forgetting to put a piece of trash in the recycling:

One of the top security firms in Hollywood terminated their contract with her. Some of criticisms I heard were that she didn’t like the way they walked.

I’m not even kidding, she literally didn’t like the way they walked. Also how they opened and closed doors.

She had multiple dogs and cats and she didn’t like the way they would walk through and not close them quickly enough.

If I can say one thing in fairness to Ellen, the article goes on to say that some of these positions working in her house paid up to $175,000, and so maybe if you’re Ellen’s staff you should expect to catch a little bit of abuse for that sort of pay. And as a pet owner, I can understand her paranoia over guests (or workers in her case) not shutting the front door quickly enough and risking your dog/cat/whatever disappearing on you.

As for the rest though, that’s just classic Ellen being a grade A bitch. We’ve heard countless stories over the last few months about what an awful bully she is on set and so it really isn’t surprising that this behaviour extends to her home staff as well. Complaining about how the security staff walk? Jeez, lighten the fuck up Ellen.

I guess to some people, money and fame don’t mean anything unless you can use your power to make others suffer. Obviously we can’t say for sure whether all the above is true, but it certainly fits in with the dozens of experiences others have shared. We all know the best way of judging someone’s character is to see how they treat those ‘beneath’ them. Not exactly ‘being kind to one another’ in Ellen’s case.

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