Someone Asked Twitter For Their Worst Ellen DeGeneres Stories & Turns Out She’s A Total Dick

America’s sweetheart isn’t such a sweetheart after all.

There have always been rumblings in the entertainment industry that Ellen DeGeneres is an asshole who treats her employees like shit, despite being portrayed as something of an American sweetheart.

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Well it turns out the $90-million-a-year presenter isn’t much of a sweetheart after all, as revealed by a Twitter thread that has gone up where people are sharing stories about Ellen treating them like dirt.

This dude Tweeted three days ago, and the responses are STILL rolling in. Obviously there’s no way of telling if all the stories are true, but why would these people lie? They’re all part of the entertainment industry and so it wouldn’t really make sense to shit on a big-timer like Ellen for no reason.

Here’s some of what they had to say:

And on and on it goes. Just non-stop stories of Ellen mistreating people or being an utter dick to them. Again, it’s up to you to decide if you believe these stories but I don’t think they’re too far-fetched. After all this is a woman who has been rich, famous and powerful for so long that she can afford to treat everyone like shit and get away with it.

I’m not just saying this but I always had a feeling she was a bit of a knob ever since that video went viral of her shaming an audience member for taking an extra item from the Ellen merchandise store after she instructed they could only take one. Obviously the audience member should have played by the rules, but the way she called her out and humiliated her in front of everyone was just so… unnecessary:

Just noticed she turned the comments off on that video as well! Says it all really.

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