Ellen DeGeneres Has Been Roasted After Comparing Life In £27Million Mansion To Being In Jail

Come on you idiot.

It’s a well known fact that Ellen DeGeneres is one of the worst people in Hollywood, but even she has surpassed herself with her recent comments about how her self isolation experience has been.

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Ellen is still presenting her show every morning from the comfort of the mansion that she shares with wife Portia De Rossi and as usual opened the segment with a monologue in which she compared her current living situation with that of being in jail. Here we go:

This is like being in jail, is what it is.

Mostly because I’ve been the same clothes for 10 days and everyone in here is gay.

I mean nobody is gonna like her comparing her mansion to prison and the PC brigade are gonna jump all over her that, but I don’t think it’s actually that bad because she’s doing it to make a joke and making fun of her inability to change clothes and her sexuality as well? I laughed when I saw it – I think sometimes you have to get off your high horse and just accept that someone’s making a joke and people are going to laugh at it.

Not so with these guys who were all too quick to wade in:

Again, I’m no fan of Ellen – literally think she’s one of the worst people out there – but I really don’t think that this is that bad and people should just take a joke? Yeah it’s kind of edgy but for her to get shut a backlash I find just insane.

I suppose we are living in insane times though and if this is the incident that ends up getting Ellen cancelled from modern society then I won’t be crying about that either. It almost certainly won’t be though because she’s insanely popular over in America despite her well publicised horrendous character.

Confused about why everyone hates Ellen? Read this. She’s not a good person.


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