Ellen DeGeneres Apologises In First Show Back Since Being Exposed As The Biggest Bully In Hollywood

People aren’t buying it.

Amazingly, the Ellen show is back for another series despite the dozens and dozens of stories about what a nightmare she is to her colleagues and employees, and sure enough she used the first episode to apologise for the toxic work environment and announce a ‘new chapter’ in the Ellen show.

Must be nice to have a PR team and a telemprompter in front of you:

If you haven’t read about this entire saga, you can do that here, but basically Ellen & her staff were absolute bullies to their employees and people on their show, something she managed to really avoid talking about in that apology. I mean there was pretty much zero accountability there and she just tried to make light of everything. Although she did admit she gets “sad, mad, anxious, frustrated, and impatient at times”, so that’s something.

People online weren’t convinced:

The good news is this whole saga should be over now, although we’ll see for sure when the ratings for this season of the Ellen show come out. Not sure how much this whole thing will impact Ellen’s reputation because at the end of the day people have bigger issues to deal with in life than how Ellen treated her former staffers.

I think the real problem most people had wasn’t even that Ellen was mean to people – lots of powerful celebrities and successful people are ruthless bastards. It’s the hypocrisy that she carried along with it that made it so annoying (again like plenty of powerful celebrities). Don’t tell the rest of us to ‘be kind’ to one another when you’re out there treating everybody like dirt all the time.

For the ultra cringey video of Ellen DeGeneres calling Justin Timberlake at his home and betting boyed off, click HERE.


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