Ellen Degeneres Posted A Cringey Video Of Herself Calling Justin Timberlake For No Reason

I can’t believe she actually shared this online.

One person who isn’t having a great pandemic is Ellen Degeneres. Not only did she catch some flak for complaining about isolation in her massive, spacious, multi-million dollar home, but there’s also been an absolute avalanche of Ellen crew members and associates coming forward with stories about what a cruel person she is.

Well I was just digging through her Instagram while blogging something else about her, and came across this video of her in lockdown calling Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel for absolutely no reason whatsoever… except I guess to show off that she has their number and can call them anytime? Watch below:

Um, what? Just a total ‘nothing’ convo that went nowhere. And yet Ellen actually had someone else stand there with a phone and record her while she called up Justin Timberlake… to say sweet fuck-all. Then for some reason – she posted it online! What kind of gassed-up egomaniac would you have to be to even have this idea, let alone share it online when it completely flops? Like I said – has to be because she’s showing off that she can dial up Justin Timberlake anytime she wants. There’s no other explanation!

Anyway, I don’t wanna be too mean because even at 62 years old it’s not too late for a bit of self-reflection which hopefully being in quarantine and seeing all these stories come out about herself will encourage her to do. Never too late to stop being an utter arsehole, even when you’re one of the richest and most powerful people in showbiz.

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