Watch This Elephant Get The Most Disgusting Revenge On Her Buddy


Absolutely no punches pulled when it’s the law of the jungle.

Farting in someone’s face is the absolute ultimate insult when you’re a kid and it probably is when you’re an adult too – it’s just there’s no way you can really get away with it after the age of about 11. That rule doesn’t apply to elephants though.

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Over in some place called Elephant Nature Park, this elephant called Kabu loves standing on this hill and having a blast. However, another elephant called Faa Mai loves pushing her off and claiming it as her own. This behaviour apparently goes on all day, so eventually it was time for Kabu to teach Faa Mai a lesson by unleashing one of the most disgusting farts I’ve ever heard, in her face.

That’ll teach her:

Mate. That elephant looks well and truly humbled when she finally gets let out from underneath the other one’s ass. Bet she won’t be trying that again in a hurry.

But let’s talk about that fart as well – it sounds almost like she had explosive diarrhoea, it was absolutely filthy. There’s no actual muck on the elephant’s head and the video description states that it was a fart so I’ll believe them, but Jesus Christ when you think about what those bowel movements sounded like then you’re gonna believe that it was probably one of the stinkiest farts in history. Absolutely disgusting.

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