Elephant Carer Crushed Under Animal As He Beat It To Make It Lie Down (VIDEO)

Pancake Day.

Is victim blaming ever justified? Maybe when it comes to this “animal carer” who was abusing an elephant in southern India this week.

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Arrun Panikar, 40, was washing the elephant and trying to make it sit down so he could wash its back. He whipped the elephant so hard that he lost his balance and fell underneath it, resulting in the elephant accidentally (?) crushing his skull.

Another man off-camera runs out to help but what’s he going to do? Push the elephant off him? He settles with dragging the elephant carer’s body from under the elephant.

Watch below:

Well I do feel bad for one thing, and that’s the idea that the elephant is getting abused even more because of this. It’s no surprise that people always take the side of the animal with these things instead of the side of our own species, and that’s obviously because only a very bad person would abuse an innocent animal. Also how stupid do you have to be to pick a fight with the largest land animal on the planet? Sometimes you just get what you deserve. 

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