Captive Kangaroo Fights Back And Bangs Out Its Trainers Live On TV


Serves them right.

Most of you reading this will have seen the incredible video of a dude banging out a kangaroo after it got his dog in a headlock. What an absolute classic moment.

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The footage below is long before the big health and safety crack down, and it could just explain where the whole human and kangaroo feud might have started. It’s taken from American TV programme ‘The Morning Exchange’ which decided to feature a kangaroo named Killer Willard wearing boxing gloves. Whoever thought that was a good idea was an absolute moron, unless they were doing it for ratings, in which case they are a genius.

Killar Willard is clearly not happy with being made to appear on TV:

Ouch – the poor old trainer, Irene, proper got belted round the face didn’t she? That’s what you get for keeping a wild animal in prison for your own entertainment.

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