Check Out This Electric Wakeboard Controlled By A Wireless Handset

The Radinn

It’ll only set you back $22,000.

This is really taking wakeboarding to the next level and is going to make wakeboarding around flooded cities way easier.

The piece of kit is called the Raddin (terrible name) and is basically an electric wakeboard that cuts out the need for the wakeboard to be towed by another vehicle when you’re using it, pretty much making it a hoverboard in the process. It’s powered by a hand held wireless controller that the driver holds that allows them to control the speed and direction of the board.

The board itself is made of lightweight carbon fibre which adds to the aerodynamics of it which makes it way easier to ride and do tricks with. So basically this is the perfect wakeboard and is just completely and utterly sick in every way possible. The only bummer about it is that it costs $22,000, but hey – I’m sure it won’t be too long until we see Dan Bilzerian making a ridiculous video like this one using one of them.


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