The ‘Election Night Drinking Game’ Is The Only Way You’ll Get Through Tonight

Theresa May

Chin chin, Britain.

Today is June 8th, meaning the general election is upon us. I’m sure many of you reading this will be nervous about the outcome – this is probably one of the most significant elections the UK has had in a long time and the results will determine how our entire country functions for decades to come.

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No matter which party you’re opting for (I think we all know the obvious choice) I’m hoping that every single one of you will be voting today. And after making it to the ballot box and finishing work, it’ll be time to settle down in front of the TV and watch the results come in.

As said, I’m sure we’re all pretty damn nervous about this election and so there’s only really one way to make tonight more fun/bearable: booze. If you’re having a tipple tonight, we suggest you try out the 2017 General Election Drinking Game.

You Will Need:

  • A TV.
  • At least seven types of beer (or cider).


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How to play: 

  • Ahead of time, assign a different drink to each of the major parties (Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, UKIP, Green, SNP, and Plaid Cymru). You’ll want a good working-class lager for Labour, and a posh English ale of some sort for the Tories. Obviously, pick regional brands for the SNP (Deuchars) and Plaid (Brains). We recommend drinking Foster’s for the Green Party, as their leader Natalie Bennett is from Australia. You can choose to assign additional drinks to the other parties (Sinn Fein, Respect, etc.) or you could just lump them into an all-purpose ‘Miscellaneous/Other’ category.
  • Head to your nearest polling station on the 8th of June and cast your vote.
  • Switch on your TV at 10pm to watch the BBC’s election night programme.
  • Wait until they start announcing the results.
  • Every time a result is announced, take a sip of the drink that corresponds to the winning party. If the successful party has taken that seat from another party, take two sips. For example, if the Lib Dems hang on to the constituency of Bermondsey and Old Southwark, take a sip of your Liberal Democrat drink; if the seat goes to Labour, take two sips of your Labour drink in recognition of their gain.
  • Keep playing through the night until you get tired.

Obviously don’t drink to the point of feeling sick and ill – we don’t want a load of people getting alcohol poisoning on election night. Just drink enough so that you don’t feel feelings anymore. Although if your party doesn’t get in, you’re going to need some serious provisions to help with that depressive hangover on Friday.

Maybe get the weed in for Friday night, just in case.


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