Here’s A Time Lapse Video Of A Marijuana Plant Transforming From Seeds Into Big Fat Buds

Marijuana Plant


It’s probably the life goal of most stoners to own their own marijuana plant, but due to the fact that they’re stoners they’re usually way too lazy to actually do it themselves.

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Thankfully though, one stoner out there has not only managed to grow their own plant, but also take a picture of it every day and then edit them all together to create a time lapse video tracking its growth. That is some serious dedication and actually has me questioning whether or not he’s actually a stoner or in fact just a gardener trying to get some street cred, but nevertheless it’s still a fairly impressive video – it’s kind of crazy how much the plant grows in between days once it gets going and how huge it gets towards the end as well:

Mmmm. Kinda want to see the dude smoke some of that rather that just seeing all that bud laying around waiting for someone to spark it up, but I suppose he didn’t think of that even though it would obviously be the best ending to that video possible. Probably just a gardener like I said before.

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