EDL Manchester Rally

EDL March Manchester

What’s worse than a load of racist chavs coming to Manchester? Racist chavs who can’t even commit to showing up on time.

EDL March Manchester

I was going to write about how today the English Defence League (EDL) planned to come to Manchester for a lovely day out of ignorance and bigotry, (un)fortunately the racists are such a pathetic excuse for a political movement that only 30-40 decided to actually show up, the rest staying at home or in pubs due to the shame of low turn outs and the fact that there were over 200 people with signs, drums and bullhorns making fun of them. Due to the lack of action to report, here is a video of an EDL member explaining why we should all fear ‘dose fuckin foreigners’.

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 A spokesman (they have a spokesman?) said

Even if only one of us were at the rally, we would still be getting our message across. We’ll be back.”

Well from what I saw today was a group of pissed skin heads dancing around with England flags over their shoulders, I really got their message. The EDL mean business, drunken chav business, and apparently really like Terminator.

The EDL faced a similar problem two days ago at their planned rally in Cambridge, with only 30 people actually showing up and apparent arguments within their message forums, it seems the nation’s favourite bigots are on their way out, which is almost a shame because it’s not like they are going to stop being racists, they just won’t congregate in one place for us to laugh at them.

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