Ed Sheeran Is Dating Nicole Scherzinger… Wait, What?!

Did Hell just freeze over?

What did we say about Ed Sheeran back when he accidentally shat himself on stage? The guy can tell the most disgusting anecdotes he wants and he’s still going to have women all around the world fighting for a piece of him.

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We just didn’t think one of those women would be 37 year old Nicole Scherzinger.

According to several sources the two are “in the early stages of dating”, after Nicole finally got over her break up with Lewis Hamilton. Apparently Nicole found “great comfort” in Ed Sheeran’s songs while getting over Lewis, and I guess convinced herself he’d make an awesome 24 year old boyfriend for her.

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The question is, is it actually more surprising that Ed Sheeran is dating Nicole Scherzinger, or vice versa? After all Sheeran is the #1 musician on the planet right now and I don’t think Nicole’s doing anything special. Then again Sheeran is a gross ginger dude and this is Nicole Scherzinger we’re talking about, so maybe he should get in there while he’s still one of the biggest stars in the universe. I don’t know, when you break it all down it’s hard to tell who’s getting the better deal here to be honest.

Keep it smooth around her mate – no face planting on stage like last time.


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