Ed Sheeran Face Plants Spectacularly Live On Stage

Ed Sheeran Faceplant

There’s just something about Ed Sheeran that really pisses me off – it’s probably his ginger hair or shit tattoos or stupid ‘regular guy’ gimmick. Anyway, it’s great when videos like this one emerge because we can all laugh at him screwing up.

Man, I really hate Ed Sheeran. I guess the booboys out there will be like ‘Yh, Yr Jst Jels M8’ and to be fair I probably am – this ginger prick gets to gallivant around the world getting real rich and singing his songs to a bunch of people and being adored by them whereas I’m just stuck here writing blogs about how much I hate him – but there’s just something about his stupid ‘regular guy’ gimmick and brand of ‘edgy dad rock’ that appeals to people like Rio Ferdinand and Joey Barton that really ticks me off. To be honest I don’t even think I’ve even actually heard any of his songs I just hate his stupid face and shit tattoos. I guess I’m bitter but I probably should have tried a lot harder to be a singer songwriter if that was what I actually wanted to be.

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So it’s great when footage of stuff like this turns up. It’s hilarious whenever performers screw up their performances and it’s even better when it’s somebody I can’t stand, especially if there’s no real reason for me to hate that performer like with Ed Sheeran. I remember once a while ago The Darkness had somehow managed to blag the headline set at the Reading Festival (what the hell was the nation thinking that year?) and they tried to play a new song but their drummer completely screwed it up and they just had to abandon it halfway through. That completely ruled and was probably some of the reason why they split up and never released a second album. Or maybe they did and just nobody cared about it, I forget.

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Anyway now it’s Ed Sheeran’s chance to make a complete fool of himself, if his hairstyle hasn’t already done that. In this clip he’s performing on stage and doing one of those rap songs he does because as well as being a regular guy he’s all urban and hip too. He hits the drop in it and all the lights are flashing and he stands on a monitor at the front of the stage and tries to jump over to another one but completely spacks it up and ends up kinda somersaulting into the floor and face planting. To be fair to the guy he doesn’t really skip a beat and just gambols through and stands up – which I guess is the sign of a true performer unlike The Darkness all those years ago who had to stop the song and got really mad with the drummer throughout the set. Fair play on that at least Ed Sheeran.

The most surprising thing in this video is the amount of screaming girls in the crowd who are going completely crazy. I don’t know where Ed Sheeran is for this but I’m guessing it’s probably America but REALLY? I know he has the ‘British accent’ and everything but do people really think he’s hot over there? Baffling.



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