Forget The Happy Meal, There’s Now An Ecstatic Meal For Adults And It Only Costs £2.49

Ecstatic Meal

It even comes with a toy.

Do you yearn for the days when happiness was heading to your local McDonald’s to pick up a happy meal and play with the toy that was inside it? I used to get one almost every week and I’ve gotta say it was definitely a highlight – although perhaps my parents should have known better.

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Anyway, if you do still think about getting a toy every time you eat a burger, then today is the day all your dreams come true thanks to the Ecstatic Meal. This comes courtesy of Meatmission and includes their signature Dead Hippy burger (two mustard-fried beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and minced white onions), hash browns, a drink and a toy shark.

Looks absolutely banging right?

Ecstatic Meal 2

Unfortunately, there is a massive catch with this meal as it’s only available in London via Deliveroo from the restaurant MeatMission and it’s only going to be available today. I already checked and MeatMission doesn’t deliver to me and I’m only about 2 miles away, so you’ve gotta be pretty close to it as well.

Still, considering how much a Dead Hippy and all that other stuff would usually cost, it’s probably worth walking somewhere and waiting for them to deliver. And the toy shark is just the icing on the cake. Sign me up for dinner.

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