Ebola Survivor Recalls Horror Of Deadly Virus

William Pooley


As I’m sure very one who reads Sick Chirpse regularly and everyone who doesn’t probably knows, there’s been an Ebola outbreak in West Africa and it’s pretty terrifying and pretty messed up.

There is good news though if you’re completely bricking it though as it is possible to survive the disease and one British guy named William Pooley has come forward this week and talked about his experience with the disease whilst working as a nurse in Sierra Leone. Here’s what he had to say:

The boy had diarrhoea and he was very weak, too weak to get up.

I cleaned him up as best as I could with the limited materials available and removed his dirty clothes.

The next morning I saw him lying as I’d left him on the bed and he wasn’t breathing. His lips were drawn back, in a grimace, his eyes were vacant.

I lifted his hand, just to confirm things, and his whole body turned rigid and cold. I put him in a body bag as his sister looked on.

My specific fear is that the horror and the misery of these deaths really fill a well of my despair and I just don’t know what happens if that is repeated a million times,

Grim. Here’s hoping that they can get a handle on the situation and the fact that Obama sent a bunch of troops over there to help actually makes a difference.


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