The Kid From ‘Big Daddy’ Is Now An Adult Who Is Shagging One Of The Fittest Supermodels In The World


Child actors are a very interesting breed because you never know how they will end up.

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Many of them disappear off the planet and are never heard from again. Some of them become Z-list celebrities who spend their adult lives in a downward spiral of depression and wind up on reality TV shows. Many of them get involved with drink and drugs and just completely mess their lives up.

None of those outcomes apply to Dylan Sprouse though – the legend who played Julian ‘Frankenstein’ McGrath alongside Adam Sandler in ‘Big Daddy’:

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He isn’t on drugs or going on Big Brother or spiralling into depression over his lost childhood superstardom, no sir. Instead, he’s smoking cigarettes and banging supermodel Barbara Palvin:

You really have to applaud this young man. Usually Hollywood child stars are in rehab at least 3 times before they turn 18, this kid is 26 and is basically the coolest dude on the planet. 

I mean just look at the guy:

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Impressive stuff indeed. Still plenty of time for him to mess it all up of course, but we are keeping the faith. 

Turns out his brother Cole – who played Ross’s kid Ben in Friends – isn’t doing too badly either.


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