This Disney Child Star Geek Has Grown Up To Be A Seriously Good Photographer

From zero to hero.

Every now and then a celebrity we’d completely forgotten about shimmies out of insignificance and completely shocks us. Cole Sprouse, who famously once played Cody Martin on the Disney channel original show alongside his twin brother in ‘The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody’, is no longer the nerdy bowl cut kid we remember from the mid-noughties.

Instead he seems to be replaced by an attractive imposter who looks the spitting image of a Titanic era Leo DiCaprio, but he’s not just a pretty face. Not only is he really fucking funny on Twitter, especially when making light of embarrassing press shots from his Disney days or posting the dankest of dank memes, but he’s surprisingly also an extremely talented photographer.

As well as dabbling in fashion photography, he’s taken some pretty neat pics of people, animals and landscapes too. Here are a load of selected gorgeous images that we’ve stolen from his photography Instagram to lay before your inquisitive eyes, they’re definitely way better than all of your crap club selfies or the valencia-filtered fish fingers and potato smiley faces you had for dinner last night.

her shadow was staring right at me. @indiesunshine

A photo posted by Cole Sprouse (@colesprouse) on

And even though there was no one there, I felt like I was interrupting a conversation. A photo posted by Cole Sprouse (@colesprouse) on

Looks like we’re headed to the same place huh? And then the bus left, but only one man got on.

A photo posted by Cole Sprouse (@colesprouse) on

@dianasilverss & @nycbambi A photo posted by Cole Sprouse (@colesprouse) on

It’s time to go now A photo posted by Cole Sprouse (@colesprouse) on


@annachristinaschwartz for @solstice_mag Styling: @kaitlynvitug


A photo posted by Cole Sprouse (@colesprouse) on

Weeping willow A photo posted by Cole Sprouse (@colesprouse) on

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