Dutch Rapper Gets Slapped By Police For Trying To Travel With Fake COVID Test (VIDEO)

That is an A+ slap.

Dutch rapper Josylvio was arrested at Curaçao airport last night, but any street cred he may have gained from the arrest was immediately nullified by the thunderous slap he received from a police officer.

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The 29-year-old, whose real name is Joost Dowib, was arrested for traveling with a falsified PCR test, according to NetherlandsNewsLive. The slap was reportedly for ‘insulting and making threats’ to a police officer. Which is a pretty dumb move after you’ve already been busted with a fake PCR test…

That’s a slap travelling at first-class right there. I’m not sure if Josylvio gets away with talking to police in Amsterdam like that, but apparently over in Curaçao they’ll just smack your head off without a second thought. That can’t be good for his rap career, surely? Must be wishing they pulled out a taser on him instead.

Anyway I’d never heard of the guy but it looks like he’s big in Holland, with his videos racking up tens of millions of views on YouTube. I’m sure he’ll reference this incident in a future rap, maybe film a video where he does a drive-by on an airport? Just throwing out ideas here.

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