‘Dungeons And Donalds’ Is Our New Favourite Twitter Page

Well done internet.

If there’s anything better than making fun of the rich Republican buffoon Donald Trump, then we sure as hell don’t know about it. Whilst we’re pretty sick of seeing his hateful mug everywhere, taking the piss out of this raging idiot is always welcomed.

Obviously it won’t be funny if he actually ends up becoming the president of the United States seeing as he has some pretty backward views on immigration and abortion laws. Imagine how much safer we would all feel if he concentrated his efforts on a time consuming roleplaying game instead of getting his greedy mitts stuck into politics to potentially ruin the lives of everyday people. Until then we will continue shitting on everything he loves.

Have a look at these hilarious tweets and picture yourself sitting across from him whilst he rolls a twelve sided dice and mutters something about killing goblins. The first one is particularly jokes as it references the time he uploaded a really embarrassing photo of himself eating the world’s biggest taco bowl over a magazine containing a picture of his bikini-clad ex wife to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Amazing. For more mental Trump tributes, check out this mural of him making out with Boris Johnson.


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