Duncan Bannatyne Got Into A Twitter Fight With Karren Brady After She Criticised His Relationship

Dragon’s Den Vs The Apprentice just kicked off.

Everyone knows that Duncan Bannatyne is the worst at Twitter. One day he’ll offer his followers cash prizes to break someone’s legs, the next he’ll destroy the hopes and dreams of a 12-year-old boy asking him for business advice.

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Possibly the most offensive thing he ever did though was post a photo of himself snogging his young girlfriend (for which he got mercilessly ripped), because let’s be honest here, no one needs to see that.

Karren Brady decided to call him out on it:

For a seriously clever entrepreneur, Duncan Bannatyne is acting like a silly old fool.

At 66 he has taken up with his second mid-30s partner this year and flaunts it by posting a hilariously repulsive picture, above, of him snogging this young lady.

How d’you think Duncan took this? Not too well, obviously:

Suppose it’s a bit out of order for Karren Brady to publicly give her opinion on something that has nothing to do with her, but then again he’s the one sharing gross PDA photos on Twitter – you’d have to be completely out of touch to think you can do that and not get ripped to smithereens in this day and age.

Still, you have to love Bannatyne’s comment – “Cowards like Brady need to make money somehow” – erm, does he even know who Karren Brady is? Pretty sure she’s not short of a few bob.

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