Duncan Bannatyne

Duncan Bannatyne has offered £50K for whoever captures and breaks the arms of the guy threatening to hurt his daughter.

Duncan Bannatyne has been at the centre of some very personal Twitter beef lately. The beef started when someone calling themselves “Yuri Vasilyev” sent threatening messages publicly to Duncan Bannatyne over Twitter demanding £35,000 to ensure the safety of Duncan’s daughter, Hollie Bannatyne. Since the messages were sent, Duncan has publicly replied (on Twitter of course) offering £25,000 of his own money for the capture of Yuri, and double if Yuri’s arms are broken:

Since Bannatyne posted this offer, many of his followers have started their own investigation, some posting links to Yuri Vasilyey’s Facebook (although the guy is no doubt using a fake name), an e-mail address used to buy a camera in Moscow that is the same as the one linked to the Yuri Vasilyey Twitter account, a livein journal and even the guy’s phone number.

£50,000 is a lot of money, I might even start my own vigilante on this guy and call in the Bin Laden Hunter to help me. Did anyone catch the new series of Dragon’s Den? What did you think about the new Dragon Hilary Devey? I thought she was pretty cool and just cut to the point, unlike James Caan who was just too nice and always beating around the bush. I’m baffled to why they didn’t invest in the anti-splash-back product though, that was genius, no?


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