Is This The Dumbest Tweet Of All Time?

Try and find a Tweet more ridiculous than this one in the whole of Twitter’s history – you can’t.

We’re backing this tweet as the dumbest of all time, as scribed by self-confessed airhead Gemma Worrall from Blackpool:

Barraco Barner. Absolutely incredible. Gemma tweeted this last week and has been getting rinsed by the whole world ever since. She tried some slick ‘sticks and stones’ comeback but people weren’t having it:

Brutal. To be fair to her though Barack Obama is kind of a weird name. We all had a bit of trouble with it when he first showed up on the scene. Not to mention the conspiracy theories about it not even being his real name, but let’s not get into that. Fact is that Barraco Barner is no more stupid a name than Barack Obama is. In fact it might even be a better name.

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