Sick Chirpse Presents: The Dumbest People On The Internet Volume 1

You’re not ready for the stupidity within.

The world is filled with stupid people, and there’s no better place to see these people in action than on the internet. It’s a place where all idiots of different shapes and sizes come together to share their dumb opinions and feelings all while completely butchering the English language.

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We’ve decided to compile a few of our faves and maybe turn this into a weekly feature. Welcome to The Dumbest People On The Internet Volume 1:

We kick things off with an absolute classic – this guy cooking himself a juicy birthday dinner and saying BONE APPLE TEA instead of Bon Appetit.

Wouldn’t be an issue if he didn’t know how to spell ‘Bon Appetit’ but the man literally thinks the phrase is just three random English words thrown together – bone, apple and tea. It’s amazing how he didn’t even stop to think about how that makes no sense whatsoever and just Tweeted it out with supreme confidence. Incredible.

I don’t know why comedian Janey Godley thought it would be a good idea to Tweet this out but I’m pretty sure that racists and non-racists alike would be utterly freaked out by the picture she’s painted there. *Shudder*.

Yeah guys, how is Adam expected to believe in himself and be proud of being a white man when he is literally the size of a ostrich?? Don’t ostracise him for being ostrich-sized, please.

Oh wait sorry guys, it was just ‘spell check’ let him down. Sure…

No, Alyssa Milano. You’re really, really not.

Crip tonight instead of Kryptonite. Wow. Clearly not a 3 Doors Down fan or a Superman fan.

I wonder if they’ve managed to figure it out yet?

Mind-blowing how this person managed to butcher the spelling of the word ‘innocent’ not once but twice, and with two completely different and fucked up spellings. I mean how do you go from ‘inasaint’ to ‘inersaint’ in the same sentence? Let’s not even get started on the rest of it…

Remember, folks – it’s a doggie dog world out there. If you say something dumb on the internet and end up in this feature next week, don’t blame us. See you next time.

For more dumbasses, get a load of this chav swerving in front of a car and getting knocked off his bike, only to immediately blame the driver for hitting him.


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