Dumbass Who Necks Alcohol For A Living Has Now Moved Onto ‘The Glue Challenge’ (VIDEO)

Ernest Acosta

How is this guy still alive?

Do you guys remember the video we posted the other day of complete maniac, Ernest Acosta, necking a two litre bottle of Jack Daniel’s and a fireball chaser before projectile vomiting everywhere?

Unbelievably he didn’t die, so as a celebration, he’s decided to take on ‘the glue challenge.’ Yes that’s right – Acosta wasn’t satisfied with obliterating his liver with dangerous levels of alcohol. To get him going he’s decided to make a video of himself drinking an entire bottle of glue. Granted, it is kid’s school glue, not the toxic shit you’d find at B&Q. But nonetheless, it can’t be good for him.

Cut to about 2.45 to miss out all the build up chat, although this is fucking gross to watch so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

To be fair, that doesn’t even look as bad as the Jack Daniel’s challenge, only because he’s not in an absolute drunken state afterwards. Still pretty grim though.

To watch a burly Welsh guy neck a bottle of JD in 13 seconds, click HERE.


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