Watch This Dumbass Neck 2L Jack Daniel’s Before Projectile Vomiting Everywhere

Ernest Acosta

Don’t try this at home.

YouTube ‘star’ Ernest Acosta recently filmed himself necking two entire litres of Jack Daniels, before doing a shot of fireball. Why? Because he’s a moron with a death wish probably.

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The video is actually pretty harrowing. His ropey girlfriend holds the bottle up between her tits and he suckles on it like a baby, having to stop every now again in case he hurls all over the place. If you want to see a man destroy his liver in under a minute then cut to about 1.57 to miss out all the talking bullshit at the beginning.

Predictably, once he’s done, he’s a proper mess. His girlfriend helps him to the toilet where he projectile vomits his life away. All in all, an incredibly dumb thing to do, but it makes for an entertaining watch.

Well that makes me feel better about my life – at least I know that no matter how many shots of tequila I might do on a Friday night, people like this are still alive so my liver can’t be in that bad a state after all.

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