Duke Nukem Can Now Legally Marry You

Hail to the king baby.

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the biggest events in your life, so you definitely want to make sure you have everything perfect and what could be more perfect than having 90s video game superstar Duke Nukem helping you tie the knot yourself?

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This is bizarrely now an option after the man who provided the voice of the Duke Jon St. John revealed on his Twitter account that he has completed his training to become an ordained minister. He isn’t actually going to dress up as Duke Nukem for this which is a bit disappointing but a) he doesn’t look that much like Duke and b) he can still marry you in his ridiculous voice so that’s cool and c) you could actually get him to do one of his other voices when he’s reading his vows, like Big The Cat from Sonic Heroes.

OK so option c probably isn’t something I’m gonna be taking up, but it’s just great that there’s even an option to have a Duke Nukem themed wedding in 2019. Hopefully we’ll see some pictures and videos from one soon with Jon saying stuff like ‘Don’t have time to play with myself’ and ‘I came here to marry some fools and chew bubble gum – but I’m all outta gum’. We can but hope.

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