Watch These Dudes Jump On A Trampoline Full Of Mouse Traps In Slow Motion

Slow Mo Guys MOusetraps

How’s this gonna turn out?

There’s nothing better than watching people inflict horrible pain upon themselves in ridiculous experiments – except perhaps being granted this privilege in 4K and slow motion.

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The Slow Mo Guys is a great YouTube channel – with 9 million subscribers I might add – that we regularly feature on Sick Chirpse and they might have outdone themselves with this one. It features one of them jumping on a trampoline that’s literally covered in rat traps.

The results are probably as you expect, and of course it’s all in glorious 4K and slow motion:

Meh. To be honest although it looked really good I’m kinda disappointed with how all that turned out – I kinda expected it to be like The Simpsons when that French waiter fell in the mousetrap truck and they all snapped all over him and beat the crap out of him. The worst this guy got it was having one caught in his hair, which is kinda gross when you think about it. A+ for effort, D for execution.

For more slow motion, check out some super slow mo highlight from UFC 200. Brutal.


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