Watch This Dude Lose Half A Leg In Shark Attack While Giving Advice About Shark Attacks

Shark bite

How ironic.

Shark expert Erich Ritter was ironically bitten on the leg by a giant bull shark, while giving advice about shark attacks.

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The attack occurred while the biologist was stood in the water with British TV personality Nigel Marven, as they were filming for the Discovery Channel programme ‘Shark Bites’. Ritter was meant to be demonstrating that sharks’ aggressive nature was misunderstood and that they don’t pay attention to humans in clear water.

Boy, was he wrong. Soon after the bull shark bumps into his calf, it proper launches for him, biting a significant chunk of his leg straight off.

I doubt he’ll be getting back in the water for a long while. Apparently surgeons managed to save most of his leg after a huge operation, although he can no longer use his left foot normally due to the damage caused from the bite.

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