Watch This Shark Get Gobbled Up By A Shark Twice Its Size In About One Second


It’s filmed in the outflow of a nuclear power plant.

If I lived anywhere near a nuclear power plant, I don’t think that I would think it was a good idea to go fishing in a kayak in the outflow of it. However, these rednecks named KC, Pete and Dwayne think it’s an absolutely sick idea though and it’s thanks to them we have this absolutely monster footage.

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The rednecks end up catching themselves a 4 foot black tip shark (not sure why as they say in the video that they’re planning to release it) when things get a little crazy as they put it. A much larger bull shark – not sure if it’s been mutated by nuclear radiation but I like to think it has – rocks up and full on bites the smaller shark in half, before gobbling it up with literally one bite.

Survival of the fittest – nature at its finest:

Geez that guy did not mess about did he? Imagine if you could just be walking around one day minding your own business when suddenly a much bigger human just came out of the sky and munched down on you. That’s not the way I want to be living my life and you gotta feel sorry for that guy. Unfortunately I guess it’s just the law of the jungle.

For more evidence of how sharks are going to kill us all fairly soon, here’s a video of one full on jumping out of the water like it’s no big deal. Be afraid.


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