Dude Jumps Four Stories From Apartment Window To Escape Police, Somehow Doesn’t Shatter His Ankles (VIDEO)

How did he survive this?

There’s no telling what crime the guy in this video is wanted for, but judging by the amount of police cars outside and his willingness to jump four stories to escape, I’m going to go ahead and guess he’s got a warrant for murder.

Amazingly, he didn’t crack his spine or even shatter an ankle upon landing, and managed to successfully escape…

Then again, with the levels of adrenaline pumping through his body, it’s entirely possible he is badly injured but managed to walk it off at that moment. I don’t think he could’ve landed any better than he did TBH. His heels took some impact but not too much, there was minimal impact on the knees, and the way his legs slipped out in front probably softened the landing a fair bit. Almost like he’d practice this before?

Either way, he was probably hurting a fair bit the next morning. A bit like this lad who nearly killed himself trying to escape with some clothes he’d stolen from Forever 21…

Ouch. For unreal footage of a shoplifter in Mexico jumping off a damn roof after being tasered, click HERE. No way she survived that, surely?


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