This Dude Mistakenly Got Haemorrhoid Surgery While Waiting For His Wife To Give Birth

Wang pregnant woman

I hate it when that happens.

A man over in China was mistaken as a patient at a hospital and received surgery to remove haemorrhoids while he was waiting for his wife to give birth.

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The Hunnan Hospital in Shenyang City keeps its surgery room for cesarean sections close to the haemorrhoid treatment room. But that still doesn’t explain how they managed to drug him without him questioning what the fuck they were doing.

The man, whose surname is Wang, said he was waiting for around 40 minutes outside of the surgery room before a doctor told him to enter and take off his pants. Again, why didn’t the guy pipe up? Apparently Wang questioned what was going on, and the doctor simply replied:

Just do what you are told.

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He was so afraid of looking stupid or being laughed at that he just followed the doctor’s orders and lay down in the bed. The last thing he can remember is hearing the cries of his newborn baby, then felt a pain in his butt. All sounds a bit rapey if you ask me.

Since discovering the mix-up, the hospital has apologised and offered Wang 5,000 yuan (about 500 quid). Doesn’t sound like much but amazingly, Wang did actually have haemorrhoids so in a way they totally did him a solid. The legal affairs officer for the hospital said that Wang should be held partly responsible too, as he is an adult.

Either way, Wang’s up 500 quid, he’s haemorrhoidless and his wife just had a baby, so it seems like everything worked out OK in the end. Can’t really say the same for the woman who accidentally received sex change surgery – all she wanted was a facelift.


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