Plastic Surgeon On Trial After Giving Sex Change To The Wrong Female Patient

Woman in surgery

What a cock up.

A plastic surgeon based in Antwerp Belgium is being sued for €1.7 million after he performed a sex change operation on the wrong patient. What a cock up, literally.

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59-year-old Angela Lee went in to have a facelift and liposuction in time for her 60th birthday. But instead of performing the pretty standard procedures, Dr. Tiago Peeters got her documents mixed up with another woman who was in for a sex change. While she was under, Angela got the full works including having her breasts removed and complete genital reconstruction.

woman in surgery

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Obviously she was completely distraught when she woke up:

I went in for a couple of standard procedures and they literally turned me into a man.

My life has been ruined. This is a nightmare and I am just trying to look forward.

I will be having the op to be turned back to the way I was but the damage is already done. I will be taking this case to court.

In addition, the woman who went in for the sex change was quite rightly pissed and will be getting the operations she requested within the next couple of weeks – although she is reported to be happy with the outcome of the facelift and liposuction.

The surgery has been charged with a malpractice lawsuit and will be paying Angela the full €1.7 million for the emotional distress they have caused. Pretty sure they’ll be going out of business after this too – it’s not everyday that a woman goes into surgery for a facelift and comes out with a penis.

On the plus side, at least Angela will be getting a decent pair of fake tits out of the whole thing. Hopefully she’ll get a better pair than this woman with the worst boob job of all time – otherwise Tiago might be getting sued for yet another €1.7 million.


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