Watch This Dude Eat A Wolf Spider Like He’s Enjoying A Fine Angus Steak

Man eats wolf spider

Extra rare.

What do you do when you find a massive fucking wolf spider? You eat it, obviously.

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Well, at least that’s what you do if you’re this builder. This video isn’t helped by the fact that the man in question looks like an eight-year-old’s wooden carving of a pirate. Add in the way he dissects the spider with his teeth like he’s enjoying a delicious steak dinner and you’ve got yourself one disgusting video on your hands:

There’s no information as to why this guy decided to eat the wolf spider, but I do hope for everyone involved that it was some sort of dare. If not, then his co-workers had better watch their back because that’s some serious serial killer behaviour right there.

For more horrific spider videos, check out this huntsman spiders nest. That’s a NOPE from me.


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