Drunk Woman Breaks Into UFC Fighter’s House, Locks Herself In The Bathroom Then Shits And Pukes Everywhere

Woman Breaks Into Uirjah Faber's House

If this happened to you would you freak the hell out about it or just calmly film it like Uirjah Faber did?

Over the weekend, UFC fighter Uirjah Faber – the number four ranked bantamweight in the world – had a pretty unusually encounter at his home when a woman knocked on his door, invited herself in, then promptly locked herself in the toilet and shat and puked up all over it. She then passed out and he called the cops.

If this happened to me I would almost certainly freak out about the fact that there was some crazy woman in my house that I didn’t know. On top of that, I’d probably be pretty annoyed that I would have to spend a while cleaning up the toilet too because she had pretty much unloaded the contents of her bowels in there.

Faber had a pretty different reaction though, instead choosing to Snapchat the whole encounter and share it with his followers. In fairness it’s probably going to get him a hell of a lot more famous as it’s the kind of story you definitely want to hear and it’s not like he’s the most well known UFC fighter in the world, so it’s probably a good idea. Watch the completely weird video below:

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To be fair, Uirjah did kind of freak out about it and is going to have to clean it all up afterwards, but I don’t think that he’s anywhere near as freaked out about it as I would be. That might have something to do with the fact that there are about 5 police cars/ambulances and fire engines outside his house looking out for him though.

I would have preferred if we saw more of the woman and the crime scene in the video to be honest and it wasn’t just him walking around his house, but you do get a couple of money shots at least. I wonder what the hell that woman was thinking and what the heck happened to her. To be fair, at least she had the decency to try and find a toilet to shit herself in, which is more than can be said about this woman who shat herself whilst she was twerking.


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