VIDEO: Woman Literally Craps Her Pants Whilst Twerking

Woman Poops Pants Twerking

Clean up on isle 5.

Twerking is all the rage now and has been for a good year or so, so it makes sense that if you’re Russian then you might want to practice in your own home and film it for some pointers so that when you’re out at the club you know you’re looking dope.

It’s also a good idea to practice it at home to make sure you don’t shit yourself whilst you’re tweaking as you definitely wouldn’t want that happening in the club. Unfortunately, this is the part where the whole filming it thing becomes a problem, because no doubt your best friend is going to take the video and upload it to the internet immediately so that the whole world knows of your embarrassment. Cold.

It’s a shame really, because she was doing some pretty excellent tweaking before the turd creeped out of her butt.


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