Drunk Unicorn Goes NUTS On Confused Clown Photographer For Taking Her Photo During Halloween

Has she got a point or should she just STFU and let him take the picture?

Our guy Jim pretty much summed it up in his Halloween article the other day, but here’s another reason why we should just cancel Halloween altogether – we simply can’t handle it. People dressing up as traffic cones, bank robbers, pizza rat memes, and somehow we still manage to freak out when someone takes a photo of us on the train:

Hey lady, newsflash — you’re dressed as a UNICORN in public. You’re sitting next to Captain Hook and Minnie Mouse. Of course someone’s going to take a photo of you. It’s literally the most ridiculous day of the year to complain about someone taking your photo. Anyone in costume on Halloween is fair game for a photo — those are the rules, always have been, always will be.

If you haven’t seen it already, check out the time a woman on the beach physically assaulted a guy for flying his drone over her as she sunbathed.


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