Does Size Matter? Women Aged 18 – 50 Are Asked The Immortal Question

Does Size Matter?

Any guesses on what they say?

For any self respecting guy, the question of size has always been an issue and will always remain an issue – there’s just not getting around it unless you’ve got an absolutely ginormous dick.

Even though there really isn’t any way to find out the truth if you’re a guy, someone decided to give it a go by asking one woman from each age between 18 and 50 about it to try and determine the truth. Of course, there’s absolutely no pattern or rhyme and reason to these answers which doesn’t really help anyone at all and if anything makes it even more complicated and worrying.

I suppose this only confirms what many of us already knew – men will never, ever understand women. If you’re still worried about the size of your member, check out the official worldwide average penis size, as verified by science.

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