Watch This Wasted Couple Try To Assemble IKEA Furniture After Necking Shots

Drunk Irish Guys Building IKEA Furniture

That looks like fun.

A few weeks ago, we got to watch some people take a tab of acid and then attempt to assemble some IKEA furniture and it was just as funny as it sounds. And now the idea has swung around to getting two Irish people wasted and watching them try to assemble IKEA furniture, and the results might be just as funny.

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The two Irish people in question are members of the Irish comedy channel FACTS and they neck five shots and three beers before engaging with the IKEA Brimnes cupboard. How do you think they’re going to get on with it here?

To be honest, that looks like a lot more FUN than assembling IKEA furniture usually is. And it certainly looks like they managed to assemble it well enough, aside from that one piece which they had no clue where it was supposed to go – kinda looks like an inside shelf to me?

Anyway, I think the moral of the story is that if you get drunk before assembling your furniture then it’s going to be a hell of a lot more fun when you do it. Definitely gonna try it next time.

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