The Dude Got His Testicles Stuck In An IKEA Chair

Ikea Testicles


If I managed to get my testicle stuck in anything I don’t think I would publicly share the story all over the internet because I would be dying of embarrassment, but fortunately photographer and politician Claus Jørstad doesn’t share the same qualms as me.

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Jørstad has to sit down whenever he takes a shower on account of a bad knee and as such decided to pick up a red shower stool from IKEA called ‘Marius’ to help him out in there. You can probably already see that there are a couple of holes on said stool from the picture below and see where this story is going:

Yeah that probably isn’t the best translator there on Facebook but the broken English almost makes the whole experience seem even funnier. Sounds like Jørstad reacted to it in good spirits though, which is all you can really ask for when something traumatic like that happens to you.

IKEA even bothered to get back to him as well, stating they they were sorry to hear about his ordeal and hoped that he recovered soon. They could have offered him some vouchers or a refund or something the cheapskates. Maybe a free helping of those delicious meatballs they do eh?

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