This Drunk Guy Left The Perfect Silhouette After Passing Out In The Road

drunk Silhouette

That’s uncanny.

I’m sure many of us have been in situations where we’re so drunk that we literally could sleep anywhere.

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Obviously this dude was in that kind of a mood over the weekend, as he managed to completely pass out in the middle of the road in South Yorkshire.

He must’ve been proper out of it, as he didn’t even wake up when it started to rain. Thanks to his vegetative state and the fact that it was raining, when he was finally awoken by a couple of PCSOs who were passing by, he had left the most accurate silhouette on the pavement.

Unbelievable – I love how accurate the feet outlines are. He must’ve literally just dropped to the floor and not moved in hours. I bet he felt like absolute dog shit when he woke up.

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