This Drunk Guy Gets The Ultimate Comeuppance After Slapping His Sister At A Bar (VIDEO)

Drunk Guy Slaps

Don’t mess with the guy named Bubba.

No matter how drunk I’ve been in my life, I don’t think I’ve ever been at the point where I would hit or slap a girl, even if she begged me to.

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Some people don’t have that problem though, as this guy from the Deep South demonstrates in the video below. They’re having a drunken argument about some shit and it gets a bit too real as he walks her out into the middle of the bar and slaps her right around the face.

The dude wasn’t banking on some huge dude called Bubba who doesn’t like violence against women being in the bar too though. Bubba marches straight over there and slaps the living shit out of this dude right there and then, before being pulled away by his friends. Props.

Yeah, respect to Bubba there. You can’t go around hitting women like that. And boy, does that guy know how to slap as well. I doubt old Cletus there is gonna be whacking his sister again any time soon. Given the kind of town I imagine this taking place in, I’d like to think that Bubba and the sister ended up getting married after this – but I suppose we’ll never know and that’s just a daydream of mine. Fingers crossed though.

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