Drunk Guy High Fives A Bee (Video)

Here’s a video of some drunk dude high-fiving a bee.

Bees are important. We need bees to live because without bees certain plants wouldn’t pollinate, without pollinating the plants wouldn’t be able to reproduce, and if they don’t reproduce then they become extinct, simple. The problem is eventually this chain of events will lead right down to us humans who would lose a huge part of our diet and eventually also become extinct, so yeah, we really need those bees. That’s why this video is so great – it shows the harmony that can exist between humans and bees; everything about it including the guy’s hilarious response to being high-fived makes this video worth a watch. Check it out:

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This should be some of sort of PSA about bee etiquette and also maybe about why being drunk is more fun than being sober, because I bet he wouldn’t have even thought of high-fiving that bee if he wasn’t smashed. In fact he probably would have ran off screaming and flailing his arms around like everybody else seems to do.

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