Not just uncovering political controversy…..

So most people have probably heard of WikiLeaks due to their skill at releasing thousands upon thousands of classified government and military cables into the public eye and throwing the whole international political arena into disarray as a result. However, did you know that animal rights activists are also going crazy because of the revelations regarding a government conspiracy to kill bees?

Now, I know that a few readers were pretty distressed when sick chirpse published a story about a vaguely similar killer bee conspiracy – where the government had actually been breeding hybrid killer bees in South America which had managed to escape and colonise most of the American continent – but the stuff that has been revealed here is hardly anywhere near as shocking as that.

Basically, a leaked memo recognises that the pesticide Clothianidin poses a serious risk to honey bees, but the US Environmental Protection Agency has chose to sweep this under the rug in order to make more of it to increase its usage in the production of many important cash crops such as corn, soy and sugar. Predictably, many animal rights activists and hippies – such as those that frequent the Oklahoma Cafe – have been up in arms over this.

You might think so what? as I did initially. But apparently it is actually quite a big deal as a third of America’s food supply is dependent upon bees for the pollination they provide to plants which provide nourishment to many animals and humans within the ecosystem.

I’m still kind of thinking so what? but am now more reassured that if that killer bee conspiracy gets even more out of control we have a surefire way to get rid of them. And that was my main intention when posting this – admittedly fairly boring – story.


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