Drunk Bully Gets Knocked Out With One Punch After Hassling Man To Fight Him

Drunk Guy KOed One Punch

He got what he deserved.

Sometimes when you get drunk you have a tendency to get violent, and it sometimes isn’t the best idea because you’re inebriated and can’t even fight properly so just end up looking stupid and getting the shit kicked out of you. Sometimes you just completely destroy your kitchen like this Russian dude and that’s a lot more fun though.

To be fair, you probably deserve it if you go around starting fights anyway and the guy in this video is no exception. He’s just wandering around some car park in the middle of the day clearly off his nut, begging people to fight him as you do when you’re some weirdo redneck drunk guy who gets mind numbingly hammered in the middle of the day.

He gets exactly what he deserves though – and looks like a complete and utter pussy – as the man he was hassling finally breaks and then slams him out cold onto the concrete with one punch. Pussy. It’s a great knockout, although perhaps not as good as the infamous shovel knockout from earlier this year.


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