Drunk British People Are Being Filmed And Shamed By Tourists In Kavos


Sun, sea and severe alcohol poisoning.

British morons – sorry, I mean holidaymakers – have been embarrassing themselves on packet holidays for decades; that’s nothing new. There’s something about the combination of relentless sunny weather, cheap booze and casual sex that seems to attract low grade British people like a fly to a s**tpile.

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Last week we brought you the ‘Magaluf Walk of Shame’ but this week it’s an even more extreme display of Brits abroad all the way from the sunny Greek village, Kavos.

According to the Facebook page ‘Turns Out Kavos Was Ready For You’ the tourist hotspot looks like it’s taken the crown from Magaluf as the number one resort for filthy, drunken behaviour. Just check out some of the posts below:

Well done Brits, you’ve done us proud. As I said in the last post like this, I’m so glad I never went on one of these lad/ladette holidays when I was younger – I just really didn’t fancy getting liver damage and an STD all in one weekend.

For vintage photos that prove British people have been ruining Magaluf for years, click HERE.


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