Drowning Pool Are Actively Recruiting The Growling Grandpa To Come And Sing For Them

John Hetlinger

You’re never too old.

82-year-old John Hetlinger absolutely killed it a couple of days ago when he went onto America’s Got Talent and sang nu-metal classic ‘Bodies’ by Drowning Pool out of nowhere. Nobody expected such a sweet old man with such high trousers to kick into that, but he did it and he absolutely slayed it. Nice one dude.

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Of course, his exploits went viral and made it to the band themselves and guitarist C.J. Pierce was more than impressed:

I would love to have him come out onstage and sing a song with us.

We invite a lot of people on the stage… it’s such a fun song to play.

Cj Pierce

We had a guest onstage with us last week, Aidan Fisher; he is 13-years-old and plays guitar.

He was amazing, so we had him up to play ‘Bodies.’

So I would love to have John up there singing a song with us.

I didn’t realise our demographic is from 8-year-olds to 82-year-olds.

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OK, so maybe he isn’t exactly asking him to come sing with the band but in my head that’s what he’s doing with this. I can’t imagine many people are going to see Drowning Pool in 2016 – to be honest I’m surprised they’re even still a band that plays shows – but it would surely be way more of a draw to have this old guy be their singer and go on tour with them. I would definitely go and see that.

Also, can we point out how the kid was 13 but their demographic was 8-82 according to this dude – how the fuck does that make any sense? Why don’t you just make it 0-100 mate while you’re at it?

For more nu-metal, here’s Katy Perry when she used to be a back up singer for P.O.D. Seriously.


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