Watch This Drone Smash Into A Model’s Face During A Photoshoot (VIDEO)

Like a true pro, she didn’t even duck.

Aspiring model/actress Jess Adams was modelling for a clothing company on a Miami beach this week, standing on top of a rock as a drone took pictures of her.

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Suddenly a gust of wind took over the drone and sent it flying right into her face, leaving Jess with a black eye.

Watch below:

Why didn’t she duck? Well, she’s a model. Her job is to stand there, look pretty and not ask questions. Probably just thought it was part of the photo shoot.

Here are the before and after shots:


Not too bad really. Thought it would look a bit worse than that. Which makes you wonder whether this was worth it? I bet there are loads of wannabe models out there who would love to get smashed in the face by a drone if it meant 15 minutes of internet fame.

Let’s just be thankful it was a regular drone and not a dildo-drone.


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