Drone Films Couple Having Sex On Church Tower Before Being Interrupted By Tourist (NSFW)

A+ place to bang.

Fucking drones. Can’t get any privacy these days because of them.

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This couple banging at the top of the Borisogleb Monastery in Torzhok, Russia didn’t seem too fussed by their robot audience however, but they did stop when another tourist suddenly walked in on them. The old ‘boner in the waist band’ trick for the mister?

I guess robots watching us fuck is better than having them carry out an all-out uprising against humanity, though it’s only a matter of time before that happens too. Maybe this is part of their plan? To interrupt us while we’re fucking and stop us producing more humans?

The couple have not yet been identified but local reports suggested they could face a fine for hooliganism or even criminal charges for offending the Orthodox Church and its members.

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