Drone Captures Footage Of The Man With The Worst Sunburn Ever

What happened to this guy?

Nobody likes getting sunburnt because it’s really annoying and kinda painful, so this really begs the question of how the man in the video and pictures below managed to get so sunburnt that all of his skin literally turned almost purple?

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The easy answer is that he’s from Florida and that everyone from Florida is kinda special, but even allowing for that something else must have happened to him for him to allow the situation to get this bad, surely? The footage was first captured in a clip of a bunch of stingray swimming close to the coast shot by Michael J McCarthy on his drone, but viewers were quick to point out that the man and his insane sun burn were the real stars of the show.

Take a look at what a few of them had to say below:

I mean all those memes and comments are funny, but I really feel like someone needs to get over to Florida and track this guy down and ask him just how he allowed himself to get into this state and why he isn’t sitting at home in a bathtub full of ice rather than frolicking around in the sun getting even more sunburnt. People in that state really need to tone it down.

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